Q & A Saturday

Feb. 17, 2018

Forty days in the wilderness.

What are you willing to sacrifice for God? For clarity? For the world?

The adversary is constantly knocking on our door.

When was the last time he knocked on yours? What did you do?

Come hear what Jesus did tomorrow.

Feb. 10, 2018

Do you take God for granted?

Are we too comfortable with Jesus?

Have we seen one to many miracles?

Jesus is coming again and christianity has gotten too comfortable. Like the disciples on the mount who were witness to Jesus in his full glory we sometimes forget who He is. In our daily lives we break bread with him and ask forgiveness, we acknowledge his divinity but seek his humanity. When his Glory is Manifest we want to build a house get comfortable and keep him to ourselves rather than share His message with world. What will the we do when he comes again and finds us resting in comfort? Glorifying His house instead of His Father.

What will you do?

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